EHAWB Application

With an easy to use interface, Globexair have a desktop application that runs on your PC to allow you to create shipping documents for your packages.

The eHawb is printed on plain paper on your A4 laser printer so no special label printer is required. You can store your customer’s addresses in a database so the next time you send them a package the address details are just a click away.

When you have completed all your shipments for that day, with just one click you are able to print a manifest and then send the eHAWB data to our system ready for when your shipments arrive at our warehouse.

All shipments are kept in your shipping history which enables you to check your daily, weekly and monthly shipments to your customer’s.

Daily shipment updates
We are able to send updates on your shipments to you via email so that you have the latest status on each shipment. Or you can track your shipment on our website at by just entering your shipment number.